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Selling from Birk Cattle Company—Three Registered 18+ month old Black Angus bulls

-Outstanding set of genetics that trace back to the Glen Birk farm

-Home raised, gentle bulls bred for calving ease and carcass performance

-Sire has a +15 calving ease, top 25% marbling and top 40% $B

Selling from Hunter Cattle Company—Five Red/Black Angus Bulls

-Three Red Angus bulls that are 3 years-4 years and out of registered stock

-Two registered 2 year old virgin Black Angus bulls

-All bulls were semen and trich tested on May 30th and have not been with cows since

-Semen will be guaranteed; bulls are utd on shots and very docile

Selling from the Joe Cook Farm—Three SimAngus Bulls

-18+ month old home raised bulls

-Will be semen and trich tested

-One of the bulls is a Show-Me-Select qualified heifer bull

Selling from Byers Angus Farm—Three Black Angus Bulls

-2 year old virgin bulls good to take home and use on heifers

Selling from the Andrew Huber Farm—One Brangus Bull

-3 year old bull with great disposition; semen will be guaranteed

Selling from the Murray Cassout Farm—One Red South Poll Bull

-4 year old gentle heifer bull

Selling from Korsmeyer Farms—45hd Bred Black/BWF/Red Angus Heifers

-Heifers will be checked with all vaccinations and in the 2nd and 3rd stages

-Due to start calving November 15, 2020

-Bred to Registered Black Angus calving ease bulls—sons of SydGen Forward 1568, Hoover Dam, G A R Advance, Deer Valley All In, BBA Man Date 230, and G A R Progress

-These heifers will avg 1100lbs with a great disposition

-Please call Dean Korsmeyer at (618)972-8690 with any questions

Selling from Abbott Charolais—15hd Open Charolais Heifers, 5 Bred Charolais Heifers

-12 months to 14 months old

-Open heifers will be pelvic measured and tract scored for breeding soundness

-Bred heifers are bred to calving ease Charolais bulls

Selling from Robinson Farms—6hd Red Angus Cows

-5 years to SS

-Bred in the 2nd-3rd stage

Selling from the Brian Collier Farm—27hd Cows, 25 w/ calves **HERD DISPERSAL**

-5 years to SS

-Running back with a Black Angus bull

-Cows will be mostly black

Selling from the Dillon Pogue Farm—23hd Cows **HERD DISPERSAL**

-Running age cows

-Early Spring calvers

-Black and BWF cows

Selling from E3 Farms—34hd Cows, 17 calves, 2 bulls **HERD DISPERSAL**

-17hd cows with calves at side from newborn to 500lbs

-Some cows will be bred back

-17hd bred cows in 2nd-3rd stage

-Two 4 year/5 year old Registered Black Angus bulls purchased from Turner Farms

-One 4 year old Registered Angus bred cow purchased from Turner Farms carrying a bull calf

Selling from the Jeremy Armes Farm—20hd SimAngus Cows, 10 calves

-3 years to 8 years

-10 pairs with calves at side from newborn to 300lbs; 10 cows bred in the 2nd-3rd stage

-Mostly black, two reds

-Pairs have been running back with a registered Charolais bull

-Bred cows were bred to registered Charolais bull or Judd Ranch Balancer bull

Selling from the Vernon Pogue Farm—25hd Cows, 18 w/ calves

-3 years to SS

-Mostly black, a few Red Angus and Charolais

Selling from the Gary Gilbert Farm (Valmeyer, IL)—18hd Cows, w/ 15 calves **HERD DISPERSAL**

-5 years to SS

-Commercial Black Angus with a few Red Angus and Charolais

Selling from the John Pearl Farm—16hd Bred Cows

-2 years to SS

-Bred in the 2nd-3rd stage

Selling from Johnson Farms—25hd Cows

-Bred to black bulls

-Mostly Black Angus with some Red Angus and Charolais

-Bred in 2nd-3rd stage; 1 pair

Various other consignments pending—Contact us to consign cows for advertising.